Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Sixth Gun - Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

Let's see, how many blog posts can I start by referencing my buddy Jeff?  I should really link his website one of these days...maybe tomorrow.  Anyways, once again I am reading a book that comes highly recommended by Mr. Jeff Wester.  In case you are wondering, yes, I do occasionally find books on my own, but this isn't one of those times.  Fortunately for me Jeff has yet to steer me wrong, (although the verdict is still out on a certain book that will not be named) and The Sixth Gun is no exception.

The story takes place in the years following the Civil War and follows Drake Sinclair, a man with few morals, a love for money, and a knack for getting in and out of tough situations.  During the Civil War a band of evil confederate men find themselves in possession of six pistols that hold great power.  The most powerful of them, the sixth gun, belongs to their leader General Oleander Hume.  While each gun contains a unique power, they can only be wielded by their owner, and ownership can only be transferred upon death.  At the start of the story, General Hume has been defeated and locked away in a prison far from the reaches of the sun's light.  His gun has been taken, and through a course of events become linked to a young woman named Becky Montcrief.  General Hume is soon liberated by his gang, and the six villains head off to reclaim the lost sixth gun.  Of course Becky and Drake soon become entangled in the adventure, teaming up to protect the gun and maybe even claim a few of the others in the process.

The Sixth Gun is one of those stories that really hits the ground running.  This is a story about action and adventure, and it has plenty of both.  It is a fun read that doesn't take itself too seriously, and keeps the entertainment coming.  Sometimes you just want to sit down and be entertained for a while without having to think about deep social issues, or whatever other stuff that authors like to interject into their books.  The Sixth Gun was the perfect blend of fun, adventure, and pure enjoyment for me.  That's not to say that it lacks substance, but simply that it doesn't try too hard to be something it's not.  The art style also fits perfectly with the storytelling.  It is a simple style, very cartoony, and yet full of simple details that made my eyes stray back to previous panels to look again.  Overall it is a very promising new series that has a lot of potential.  If you are looking for a new series to get you started in the comic world, then Jeff highly...I mean, I highly recommend it!

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